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automatic 5gallon horizontal type palletizer /palletizing machine

the machine use for palletizer the 5gallon bottle by   horizontal type  . speed about 600-800bottles per hour 
  • HMD-800

  • GM

  • 8422301090

Introduction of the automatic 5gallon palletizer


HMD-800 horizontal type palletizing machine is developed by our company ,it suitable for 5gallon horizontal palletizing in the plastic rack .the machines composed by conveyor loading bottles,bottle turn part , bottle push part ,bottle lifting and palletizer ,pallets conveyor and electrical part .the machine adopts high quality ss material as the main material .electrical and pneumatic parts adopts famous brand .lifting bottle adopts servo motor control .

Parameters of the machine

Conveyor for loading bottles :2.44m ,chain ss

Bottle turn machine :2250x1200x1800mm

Bottle lifting and palletizing machine:3100x1600x2400mm

Pallets conveyor :6000x1500x500mm

Total power :5.24kw

Theory capacity :600bph-800bph

Air consumption :300l/min, 1.0Mpa

Palletizer formart :5layers by 80bottles , 4bottles/time

Working principle

User load the plastic rack on the pallets conveyor frame ,pallets will transport to the area of palletizing , sensor tested the pallets and blocked the position .conveyor start working for loading bottles to the turn machine .sensor test 4bottles ready , cylinder will stop other bottles ,turn bottle part holding 4bottles and turn to be horizontal type .then bottle push motor drive the belt push the bottles rolled to the lifting part .push bottle motor working ,push the bottles into the rack .one layer finish ,servo motor work for lifting the bottles to another layer , after 5th layer finish , lifting part will reach to original point , then the pallets block cylinder open for fulled rack out from conveyor .




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