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600bph 5gallon Bottle Stacking Machine/palletizing machine

this machine use for palletizing 4gallon bottlles automatic
  • LMMD-600

  • GM

  • 8422

Automatic stacker by artificial automatic plate.
Automatic palletizing machine automatic plate and automatic into the plate!
Stacker crane design principle:
Increasingly nervous for Labour, in the drinking water treatment works, large labor resources shortage, etc., we through the most manufacturers (water) the actual survey of drinking water and should be part of the customer's requirements, invest a lot of manpower and material resources to develop successful new CNC five gallons of bottled water and automatic palletizing equipment through continuous improvement innovation, thus enable the equipment to achieve higher performance-price ratio, the equipment covers an area of less, low operating cost, an hour to 1200 barrels of 5 gallon bottled water bottles lay in one to three layers as required (each layer 4 * 4 = 16 barrels or 4 * 5 = 20 barrels or make to order), in order to facilitate transportation and storage, and the whole device needs a person can be easily operation, the largest extent, reduce the labor intensity of the staff and reduce staffing of the whole production line.
Stacker crane main technical characteristics:

1, the machine USES the chute type since gravity into the bottle, shi state machine has no power consumption, energy consumption is extremely low;
Built close to the signal detection institutions according to automatically adjust the speed of pallet to be production and filling out of the bottle line.
2, bottle system adopts the latest design of pneumatic to clamp bottle, do not hurt the brim and shrinkage film, not to drop, gas consumption is small.
3, lift system adopts linear bearing slider type soft connection structure, stable speed, accidental fault mechanical protection function, the effective protection of the machine under the special failure protection function.
4, this machine can be stacked 1-3 layers, the stacked layers can be adjusted on the touch screen, for different customer needs.
5, the ascension, translational position adopt CNC technology detection localization, the bottle and put the bottle position quite accurate, avoid the shortcoming of the high failure rate caused by excessive use of position switches.
Pail adopts servo system, the bucket in the process of ascension and translation with high and low, speed operation in (high speed running in low speed clamp bottle - - put bottles) at low speed, so that the whole operation process coordination, smooth operation.
6, the machine adopts imported PLC microcomputer control, the letter express human-machine interface operation, operation parameters and process of action can adjust freely on the touch screen, with functions of downtime, alarm, etc.
The machine movement position are set photoelectric detection protection switch, machine is running, if detect anomaly detection points immediately stop and alarm, the maximum extent to protect the production safety of personnel and equipment.
Bottled water equipment stacker crane equipment size: 2400 x1700x2300

model LMMD-600
Speed 600bph





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    Add : 3th group of wenxing village leyu town,zhangjiang city ,jiangsu province,China
    Phone : 86-15962351220

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