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900bph automatic 5gallon external brush machine

the machine use for cleaning 5gallon bottles external clean by brush . it work automatically 
  • ST-900

  • GM

  • 8422

automatic Barrel outside brush machine rotary type 
The external bucket brush machine is the supporting equipment of the five-gallon production line, which can be used independently when connected with the conveying line. PLC program control, no human operation, high degree of automation, scrub clean. Barrel mouth, barrel body, barrel bottom can be washed.
Working principle and structure
The equipment consists of skeleton, transmission mechanism, electrical box, water pump, water tank, brush and so on. The barrel is sent into the brush barrel machine under the action of conveying, open the automatic button, that is, automatic rotation, the barrel under the action of the dial wheel, into the brush machine. The direction of the main brush is opposite to that of the barrel, and detergent is sprayed when the barrel is brushed. The washing liquid is recycled and flows into the water tank through the filter.
1- There is a micro switch at the inlet and outlet of the bucket to prevent the inlet and outlet from squeezing the bucket;
2-washing liquid tank is equipped with liquid level device and floating ball, automatically add washing liquid, and equipped with heating system;
3- Close the barrel mouth and barrel body to the main brush, rotate while moving forward under the push of the bucket dial wheel, long cleaning time to ensure the washing effect.

Main parameters for brushing machine 

Model St-900
Bottle 5gallon/18.9l
Capacity 0-900bph
Power 2.59kw
Voltage 380v,3ph,50hz
Heating 3kw
Lye heating temperature:  60 degrees
Dimension  2000*1100*1600mm

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