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automatic high speed film group packing shrinking machine

19bag/min high speed film group shrinking wrapping machine 
  • GM-450A

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  • 8422

description of automatic high speed film group packing shrinking machine

Heat shrinkable film packaging machine is on the basis of the characteristics of packaging film heat shrinkage, on-line detection by photoelectric switch sensor, acquisition signal is controlled by PLC (programmable controller) assembly processing, adopt continuous conveyor belt into the bottle, bottle, bottle, push straight push rod bottle wrap film, with keen knife cut into package, heating channel shrinkage cold wind cooling to finalize the design institute to complete the whole process

The high speed wrapping machhine consists of the following parts

1. Conveying device: conveying goods to be packed.

2, bottle, bottle blocking device: separate transport and control the packaging stroke.

3. Bottle pushing device: push items to sealing and cutting station.

4. Bottle pressing mechanism: prevent bottle pouring and ensure sealing and cutting.

5, up and down film feeding device: conveying packaging film.

6, sealing and cutting main body: sealing and cutting film to achieve the coating.

7, hot air circulation device: complete the heat contraction function.

8, high temperature conveying mechanism: in high temperature smooth delivery of finished products and complete heat contraction function.

9. Bearing shelves: short-term parking of finished products.

10, cooling device: cooling finished products, easy to transfer the product to the required position without breaking the package, not loose package.

11, fault alarm device: prompt operators to troubleshoot in time.

12, PLC program control system: automatic control.

13, the main electrical control box: centralized control of the machine.

14. Back end conveying is equipped with whole bottle mechanism. Minimize the chance of getting stuck.

Equipment technical parameters

Power supply: AC 380V/60HZ

Maximum power consumption: 22KW

Working pressure: 0.6mpa

Supporting air compressor requirements: exhaust pressure: 0.8mpa, flow: 0.25m3/min

Heat shrinkable film: PE

Width of packing film: ≤600mm

Packing film thickness: 0.03 ~ 0.15mm

Horizontal height of feeding conveyor belt: 950±50mm

Product packaging technical parameters

Maximum packing size: 450×450×320 (h) mm

Length of heat sealing knife: 600mm

Shrinkage temperature: 130-260℃

Shrinkage time: 0-6s

Heat sealing cutting temperature: 150-200℃




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