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PET bottle filling machine working process

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The bottle is sent by the bottle star wheel to the bottle punching part of the three-in-one machine through the bottle feeding air. A bottle clamp is installed on the turntable of the bottle punching machine. The clamp holds the bottle mouth and turns 180 degrees along the guide rail so that the bottle mouth is downward. In the specific area of the bottle machine, the bottle clamp nozzle spews out the bottle water to wash the inner wall of the bottle. The bottle is rinsed, drained and then turned 180 degrees along the guide rail with the bottle clamps so that the mouth of the bottle is up.
After washing, the bottle is exported from the bottle flushing machine through the bottle star wheel and transferred to the filling machine. The bottle entering the filling machine is kept by clamping the bottle's mouth with a filler plate. The bottle is raised and lowered by the lifting mechanism of the bottle under the action of the CAM, and the atmospheric pressure filling method is adopted. The bottle mouth upward contact valve opens the valve and starts the filling process. After filling, the bottle mouth drops away from the valve mouth, and the bottle enters the capping machine through the transfer dial wheel of the card neck.
The stopper on the cap screamer sticks to the neck to keep the bottle upright and prevent rotation. The cap rotates and keeps revolution on the cap spinning machine. Complete grabbing cover, cover, screw cover, remove cover and other actions. Complete the sealing process. Finished bottles into the bottle conveyor belt, by conveying to drive the bottle out of the three-in-one host into the next step.

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