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How to choose label machine

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In daily packaging application, the label of goods is an essential procedure. The label directly displays important information about the product. So in the beverage packaging industry, the three most widely used labels are respectively self-adhesive label, shrink label and hot melt label. Then how to choose the label equipment suitable for production enterprises?

First of all, according to their own production line speed, if the production line speed is more than 15000 bottles/hour, we suggest using hot melt adhesive label, use hot melt adhesive labeling machine. Although the equipment is more expensive, but in the long run, the cost of hot melt adhesive label is very low.

Second, the production speed is between 4000-12000. We suggest using shrink label and sleeve label machine. The cost of equipment and label is acceptable.

Third, glass bottles, low speed production line, generally use self-adhesive, self-adhesive labeling machine is very affordable. But the cost of tags is relatively high.

Therefore, enterprises should choose their own labels and equipment according to their own planning.




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